Technology and Service

Remote Sensing

We provide the world's leading hyperspectral and multi-scale remote sensing platform for crop health monitoring and protection.


Hyperspectral data acquired by the McVision monitoring drone is integrated with our plant protection service database and form the agricultural AI data cloud. Based on convolutional neural network and machine learning

Pathological Pharmacology

Spray crops intelligently with variable amounts of pesticide that are automatically determined by the integrated data from multi-sources such as remote sensing, meteorology, and soil.

Smart Crop Protection

Advancing the precision agriculture through remote sensing monitoring, we aim to refine crop production from the empirical approach to the data-driven approach. Using the smart spray technology

McVision Planting

McVision platform services for precision planting through our own generic algorithm and deep learning, in most steps that agricultural planting needs.

Improved Agriculture

McVision planting system is capable of improving the quality of precision agricultural products, generating green organic and healthy products with transparent procedures and supports.


Smart spray, better living


Create a global leading, scientific agriculture intelligence


Using science to reshape precision agriculture and create a better life

Technology Partnership Solution

Service area of variable spray


Species of diseases and insect pests monitoring


Agricultural AI data cloud


Cost saving rate of planting